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In May of 2014, EFI Hardware aquired the patterns, tooling and production rights for all DC&O fuel injection products.


In the following months, DC&O products were added as a parallel product range, allowing EFI Hardware to provide two distinct fuel injection hardware solutions to two wide market segments.


What does this mean to you?


This means that EFI Hardware now has the ability to supply cost effective products in both the entry level, and premium platform arenas.


"We have taken a well known and respected brand in DC&O, and integrated much of our expertise to evolve the DC&O products even further.


Having full in-house manifold production and machining capabilities has improved our competitive position in the market, and reduced our production and supply timelines.  We are now directly in control of a greater percentage of our products, and our customers are benefiting directly from this." - Steve Newing - EFI Hardware Managing Director