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Velocity Stacks and Ram Tubes

Velocity Stacks


EFI Hardware has a long tradition of providing high quality Ram Tubes, Velocity Stacks, Trumpets and Air Filters in both off-the-shelf and custom-made form to local and international customers, EFI Hardware are based in Melbourne, Australia.


Velocity stacks can also be referred to as intake trumpets or ram tubes, which are fitted to Individual throttle bodies (ITB’s). These Velocity stacks not only smooth out air into the intake but also when the correct length is calculated greatly improve (VE) Volumetric efficiency. This allows for the most air to flow through the intake to provide the best possible volume of air into the cylinder thus providing greater combustion and more power. Velocity stacks look particularly striking when added to muscle cars, race cars and hot rods.


Ram Tubes


Find the ram tubes / Velocity Stack to best suit your engine at EFI Hardware, Australia’s leading electronic fuel injection performance and conversion specialists located in Melbourne, Australia.