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Fuel Injector Cleaning & Testing




Occasional fuel injection cleaning and testing is necessary to break down any dirt, varnish and carbon deposits that can form within your vehicle’s fuel system that reduce the power and economy of your vehicle. Continuing to drive with injectors not flowing to their optimum can cause sever engine damage.


EFI Hardware provides a fuel injector cleaning and testing service to Melbourne locals and interstate customers (via express mail). A full report on the injectors is provided on completion. Three tests before and after cleaning are conducted that include leakage, spray pattern and flow. Sonic cleaning the injectors while they are cycled and back flushing is the only way to remove stubborn varnish and carbon deposits that are not accessible by other means. New injector baskets and seals are fitted as part of the service. Some injectors have now become so cheap it is cheaper to supply new ones rather than cleaning the original ones.  Contact EFI Hardware (03) 98735400 for more information.