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Fuel Rail Kits and Upgrades Parts

EFI Hardware offer fuel rail kits, fuel rail conversion kits and Custom fuel rails. These electronic fuel injection (EFI) upgrades ensure you get the maximum performance possible out of your vehicle. EFI Hardware make kits to convert side feed injectors to top feed injectors. This enables the choice of a greater variety of economical high flow injectors. EFI Hardware’s custom fuel rails ensure that high flow injectors get the volume of fuel they need and can be coupled with larger fuel hose plumbing and high flow fuel pressure regulator to complete the fuel supply solution.


Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Upgrades


Upgrade your fuel system to complement the other performance modifications of your vehicle. Some modifications that increase power often find the injectors and fuel system are now too small to cope with the new power demand. Correctly chosen fuel system components will ensure the potential of your performance engine and will avoid potential damage to your engine from lean running and detonation conditions. Unleash your engines potential today with an electronic fuel injection (EFI) upgrade. Contact EFI Hardware to acquire all the necessary parts. 

Nissan Patrol TB42, TB45 Fuel Rail and Fuel Injector Upgrades.

Check out Steve's video on Solid Fuel Rails vs Split Fuel Rails.

There is a reason to choose one over the other depending on your application.