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Accelerator Throttle Cables


One of the issues we’ve been discussing recently with our customers, is whether accelerator cables work just as well pushing, as they do pulling.

As you can imagine, when you push a cable, the cable pushes against the inside of the cable sleeve. The harder you push the more the cable kinks, and more points of the cable come into contact with the inside of the sleeve.

This increases the amount of friction on the cable, and makes the other end of the cable lazy.

This usually occurs when people try to use the throttle return spring(s) on their throttle body to “push" the accelerator cable back, and hence raise their accelerator pedal back to its rested position.

Because the cable is binding on the inside of the sleeve, they end up with a lazy accelerator pedal.

If you look at factory fitted throttle pedals connected to the engine via a cable, you will see a spring on the pedal to ensure the pedal pulls the cable back to the fully rested pedal position. You only need a very light spring to pull the cable back, but it must be there.

Without the spring, your car can be far more difficult to drive, especially just off idle, as the pedal does not return reliably to the same position each time.

Our customers have found that when they fit a throttle pedal spring, their car becomes far easier, and far more enjoyable to drive.

- The Team At EFI Hardware