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KAAZ Limited Slip Differential

KAAZ's performance gear oil is specially formulated for your genuine KAAZ Limited Slip Differential. Using the most advanced formula's, KAAZ gear oil is designed to protect your components with high temperature stability and high shock load protection. KAAZ Genuine Oil contains exclusive friction modifier blended into the gear oil in order to reduce hypoid gear noise and chattering while offering smooth operational usage. KAAZ GL-5 80W90 weight oil is safe to use on front wheel drive transmissions as well as any transfer case containing a KAAZ limited slip differential. Kaaz LSD oil for manual transmission and hypoid final drives GL5 / 80W-90

KAAZ LSD Benefits and Features

The Kaaz LSD has all the drivability and quiet running of a standard diff and all the performance of a competition diff when torque is applied to it. This is achieved by 2 clutch packs that are progressively loaded up when torque is applied.

  •  Provides improved traction and handling in one package
  •  Load sensing- the more power/torque that is applied the more the differential applies positive drive to both wheels.
  •  Provides excellent corner turn in handling
  •  Provides outstanding mid and corner exit traction.
  •  Unbeatable traction and handling in wet weather conditions
  •  Precision engineered components and quality materials offer high durability
  •  Available for a large range of Japanese, European and local Vehicles
  •  Used in GTP, Rally, Targa, Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Hill Climb, Motor khana, Autocross and road.
  •  Kaaz LSD’s have bean used by many race teams to achieve records here and overseas
  •  Quiet and smooth operation makes the Kaaz LSD at home on a car that is used as a daily driver