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EFI Fuel Tank Conversion Kit to suit VE Fuel pump 155mm to 180mm high

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Product Code: 850-130AK

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Fuel Tank EFI Conversion Kit 155 to 180mm high for use with a VE-VF Commodore Modular Reserve Assembly. (Supplied optionally from the pull down menu.) Using an MRA is a great way to get a fuel pump and surge tank solution straight into your tank
Comes with weld on base plate, top plate, cap screws, washers & oring.
Electrical plug and Quick disconnect to push on hose fittings also supplied.

Pump Power Rating - Naturally Aspirated: 500HP / 370KW


NOTE: If you select the Bolt On option, your tank must have a flat and seamless surface for the entire area of the Base Plate to ensure the O-ring will seal completely.  See the technical document below for the bolt on kit below for more information.


  • Installation kit only

Top Plate:  Aluminium

Base Plate Type and Material:  Weld On - Aluminium or Steel / Bolt On - Aluminium

Base Plate Diameter: Weld On - 180mm / Bolt On 190mm

Electrical Connector:  To suit VE-  850-130E

Quick Disconnect Fuel Fittings:   1x 10mm  to 10mm barb

Fasteners:  6 x M5 Stainless Steel Cap Screws with Washers and Locking Washers

O-Ring:  Fuel safe O-Ring

Max tank height: 180mm

Min tank height: 155mm

  • Delphi Pump & Installation kit

MRA: Genuine Delphi VE Commodore LS2/L98 Modular Reserve Assembly (fuel pump)

HP rating: 500HP @ 4 BAR
Fuel pressure regulator: 58PSI (4 BAR)

  • Aftermarket Pump & Installation kit

MRA: Aftermarket Icon Branded  VE Commodore LS2/L98 Modular Reserve Assembly (fuel pump) 

Fuel pressure regulator: 58PSI (4 BAR)

The MRA unit houses the Fuel Pump, fuel reservoir (with return venturi jet for constant siphoning   ), fuel submersible wiring and fuel hose with bulk head assembly in one unit. It is spring loaded to ensure that it sits on the bottom of the fuel tank for maximum fuel scavenging.

No need for a lift pump, surge tank, high pressure pump and external regulator, it is all neatly housed inside the fuel tank, reducing noise and fuel odour inside the cabin.


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