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GT 86 1000cc Injector Kit

Direct fit Fuel injectors for Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ.
Options up to 600+hp and E85 compatible injectors.

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Direct fit fuel injector sets for Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ. All of these kits utilize Half Height, Extended Nose Injectors, with the correct adaptor loom, making the kit plug and play.

Depending on your Engines fueling requirements choose the recommended injector from the chart below.  All calculations are based on 3 BAR of fuel pressure, and this only what horsepower the fuel Injectors can flow. All horsepower ratings are flywheel.

  • 1150 cc- 493HP/ 368KW @ 1 BAR of boost on 98 Octane
    • OR 384HP / 260KW @ 1 BAR of boost on E85.
  • 1370cc 695HP /519 KW @ 1 BAR of boost on 98 Octane
    • OR 409 HP/ 305KW @ 1 BAR of boost on E85