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Billet External Injector Mount - Short

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Product Code: 825-030

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You can use this mount to to mount Bosch EV14 1/2 height injectors.

Supplied with Special Oring to suit the Injector Mount.

Stainless Steel M5 Mounting Screws pre-drilled to receive lock-wire for added security.

NOTE: Fuel Rail Not Included


Having high mount injectors can enable torque and horspower gains by cooling the intake air  resulting in a denser more oxygen rich inlet charge.

NOTE: Must be used with Sequential ECU to ensure there is no *Fuel Reversion (Standoff).

* Although the air column entering your engine should only move towards each cylinder, there is a short period of time when the column comes to a stop, and then on some engine combinations, reverses direction for a very short period of time.

Fuel Reversion or Standoff, may occur during the time when the air column is moving away from the cylinder.

If the injector is open during this period, any fuel leaving the injector nozzle will be pushed away from the cylinder.  If you have injectors sitting above the Ram Tube, and Reversion or Standoff occurs, this fuel may then be deposited on the inside of an air box, or anywhere nearby around the engine bay.

This is definitely a bad situation.

To ensure this does not occur, injectors placed outside of intake runners must only be opened as the air is being drawn into the engine.  To achieve this effect, you must use an ECU capable of pulsing injectors placed outside of your intake runners sequentially with the injector end time finishing prior to the valve closing.


851-1000EBosch 95 lb/hr 1000cc injector1000CC / 95 lb Bosch Extended Nose Fuel Injector
851-550SBosch 52 lb/hr 550cc injector550CC / 52lb Bosch Fuel Injector
851-800SBosch 76 lb/hr 800cc injector550CC / 52lb Bosch Fuel Injector
851-1000SBosch 95 lb/hr 1000cc injector550CC / 52lb Bosch Fuel Injector