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Walbro 550 850HP Submersible Pump, Hellcat Plus

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Walbro TI Automotive F90000295 1000+HP Submersible Pump. 550LPH

This Walbro fuel pumps is commonly referred to as a Walbro 550 fuel pump and is a E85 comptible.

E85, Flex Fuel and Gasoline compatible fuel pump that flows 530 L/Hr @ 3BAR
E85 - 900HP
Gasoline - 1200HP
No One Way Valve Fitted


This is a hugely popular in-tank E85 compatible fuel pump capable of supplying 535 L/Hr. (@40PSI)

This pump is great for E85, E10, Any Flex Fuel and Gasoline/Petrol.

Kit Contains:

1 x TI Automotive F9000295 E85 Compatible fuel pump

1 x Fuel Proof Connector

1 x Filter Sock

INLET OD: 11.1mm

OUTLET:  Suits 9mm (3/8") Hose  ( No 1 Way Valve Fitted)


Different fuels and engine configurations change the amount of fuel required to produce a specific amount of engine power.  The table below indicates most of the variations of fuels and engine setups.  Choose the engine and fuel type that most accurately matches the engine set up in your vehicle.

NOTE: Most supercharger applications require a large amount of power to run the supercharger.  Consult with your supercharger supplier for the amount of power your supercharger will consume and subtract that amount of power from the table below.

NOTE: All Power estimates are for 3 Bar of Fuel Pressure, and are HP and KW at the engine.

Naturally Aspirated1072HP / 799KWNaturally Aspirated800HP / 596KW
Up To 1 Bar Boost839HP / 626KWUp To 1 Bar Boost615HP / 459KW
1 to 2 Bar Boost775HP / 578KW1 to 2 Bar Boost548HP / 408KW