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VE-VF 6.0L Injector Upgrades

Direct fit Fuel injectors kits for GM and Holden VE- VF 6.0L LS3 L98-L76 etc.
Options up to 1300hp and E85 compatible injectors.

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Direct fit fuel injector sets for VE-VF LS3, L98 &L77 Commodore 6.0L. Some of these kits utilize half height , unmodified injectors that use the same Bosch USCAR electrical connector so there is no need for an adapter loom. (excludes Bosch 1650cc injector kits, this kit includes a hard USCAR to Bosch Minitimer connector)

Depending on your Engines fueling requirements choose the recommended injector from the chart below.  All calculations are based on 3 BAR of fuel pressure, and this only what horsepower the fuel Injectors can flow. All horsepower ratings are flywheel.


Naturally Aspirated 

  • 550cc- 609HP/ 455KW  Naturally Aspriated on 98 Octane
  • 731cc 947HP/ 706KW Naturally Aspirated on 98 Octane
    • OR 728HP/ 543 KW Naturally Aspirated on E85
  • ​1000cc 1295HP/ 966KW Naturally Aspirated on 98 Octane
    • OR 996HP/ 743 KW Naturally Aspirated on E85

Turbo Charged

  • 731cc 789HP/ 589KW @ 1 BAR of Boost on 98 Octane
  • 1000cc 1061HP / 792 KW   @ 1 BAR of Boost on 98 Octane
    • OR 789 HP/ 589 KW @1 BAR of boost on E85
  • 1650cc 1723HP /1286 KW @ 1 BAR of boost on 98 Octane
    • OR 1272/949kw   @1 BAR of boost on E85

If you cant see an injector that meets all your needs feel free to call or email us any time Info@efihardware