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Mitsubishi Evo Resister delete (ByPass) Plug

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Product Code: C-RES-D-EVO

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Vehicles such as Mitsubishi EVO Lancer’s came out with factory with low impedance fuel injectors. In order for the ECU to drive these injectors reliably, a ballast resistor pack was used. The resistor pack serves the purpose of reducing the current draw to protect both the ECU’s injector drives and the injectors themselves, which cannot withstand the high current when using low impedance injectors without resistors.

However, most modern upgrade injectors are high impedance. A ballast resistor pack is not required and must be removed and bypassed to give correct injector control. This ballast resistor delete plug is a clean and easy plug-in solution for bypassing the factory resistor back. It is suitable for using on Mitsubishi EVO’s when changing from the factory low impedance injectors to any aftermarket high impedance injectors.