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EFI Hardware E-Series Rotary IDA Throttle Kit

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*** Note if ordering a manifold with your kit the rotary manifolds we sell have the wide spacing toward the engine***
The E-Series Throttle Bodies are made with a budget in mind. These are available with limited options. They come only in 50mm Bore with no anodizing options. Fuel rails are to suit 14mm Oring full length Injectors. They are available in wide and narrow spacing.

NOTE: As these E-Series throttles do not incorporate seals on the throttle shafts we do not recommend their use for boosted applications.

- Rotary Manifold
- Throttle Position Sensor
- Fuel Fittings
- UniFilters
- Fuel Injectors
- Vacuum and Oil Fittings



Choose Your Manifold Type:

We can supply the manifold to fit your new IDA throttle body to your rotary engine.  Please ensure you choose the correct manifold to suit your engine.  If you are not sure, contact us before you make your selection.

Choose Your Vacuum & Oil Fittings Option:

Vacuum Fittings - Ports to allow you to pull a vacuum signal from your manifold to use for your fuel pressure regulator or as a MAP input to your ECU.  This option is machined into the manifold, and is only available if you purchase your manifold from EFI Hardware.

Oil Fittings - This option is machined into the manifold, and is only available if you purchase your manifold from EFI Hardware.

Choose Your Air Filter Option:

There are three air filter options.

  • No Air Filter
  • E-835-010K K&N Air Filter Kit - Includes adapter plate, filter assembly and 50mm id x 40mm high ram tubes to fit inside the K&N Filter Element
  • 835-055 UniFilter Socks

Choose Your Injectors:

If you don't already have injectors, you can buy a set with your IDA Throttle Kit.

Here are flywheel horsepower ratings of each injector flow rate based on a naturally aspirated engine.  For boosted engines please contact us to discuss:

4 x 550cc   = 400HP on Pump Gas / 285HP on E85 Total Engine Power

4 x 646cc   = 500HP on Pump Gas / 360HP on E85 Total Engine Power

4 x 1000cc = 750HP on Pump Gas / 540HP on E85 Total Engine Power

NOTE; Injector Connectors are not included please go here https://www.efihardware.com/products/c294/Injector-Connectors  to find the right connectors.

Choose Your Manifold Gasket:

This refers to the gasket between the intake manifold and the intake port face on your engine.

Fuel Plumbing Kit:

The optional Fuel Plumbing Kit consists of:

4 x Fuel Rail to 5/16" Fittings

1 x EFI Fuel Hose to join one Fuel Rail to the other

4 x EFI Hose Clamps to suit the Fuel Hose above

IDA Mounting Orientation:

There are rotary manifolds where the wide bolt spacing on the IDA flange is closest to the engine block. On others, the narrow bolt spacing on the IDA flange is closest to the engine block. 

If you are buying an IDA throttle body, and you already own a manifold, you must choose the correct orientation to ensure we send you an IDA throttle body that will fit your original manifold.

Throttle Position Sensor Option:

You will need a Throttle Position Sensor to run your engine on any engine management system.  This throttle has a standard 8mm D drive on the throttle shaft and 32mm PCD M4 mounting holes.  You may already have a TPS that will suit.  If you are unsure, you should include this option with your purchase.


The mounting flange on IDA - Rotary manifolds can be configured in 2 different ways.  It is vitally important that you tell us which way around your manifold is configured to ensure we supply an IDA throttle body with the correct TPS location, cable actuation and opening direction. When ordering online please add this information to the comments section.

Check out the diagram below to confirm how your manifold is configured.

Rotary IDA Flange Alignment Diagram Revision 1




Every single throttle bore and throttle plate are measured and matched as a pair to ensure the most perfect throttle fit and consistency across every EFI Hardware throttle body.


In the past, 12° throttle plates were the industry standard.  The problem with 12° throttle plates, is that as the plates are moved off the closed position, the change in airflow is huge.  It makes it very difficult to drive smoothly at lower throttle openings.

At EFI Hardware, we only use 6° throttle plates.  This improves off idle and cruise driveability making your vehicle far more enjoyable to drive.

Throttle Body Closed Angle - 6 Degree vs 12 Degree