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Ram Tube Air Filter Support Kit

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Ram Tubes longer than 100mm installed on high revving, and high vibration engines can benefit from Ram Tube Support kits. Vibration and engine movement with the leverage of a long ram tube can work the ram tubes loose on a single clamp.

These Ram Tube Support Kits also offer a platform to mount Piper Cross or ITG Air Filter type filters when the ram tubes are very long and can not fit inside the filter.

This kit is for:-
1 x upper clamp
2 x posts
2 x longer cap Screws

Does not include Ram Tube or the lower clamping base


EFI Hardware Ram Tubes are designed to be light weight and aesthetically pleasing.  If you are running long Ram Tubes, it is possible that engine vibration may cause a Ram Tube to work its way out of its clamping base.  With air filters attached to Ram Tubes, the chance of this problem occurring can increase.

We've designed the very easy to install, Ram Tube Support Kit solution to overcome this potential issue.

NOTE: If you are not using one of our EFI Hardware Ram Tubes, write the outside diameter of your Ram Tube in the comments section of your order so we can ensure we send you the clamps that will best fit your Ram Tubes.


There are three measurements you need to determine to order your Ram Tube Support Kits.

1) You will need to measure the Internal Diameter (ID) of your Ram Tubes.  You should use a pair of calipers to measure this accurately.  The size will either be 40mm, 45mm, 48mm, 50mm or 55mm.

2) You will need to measure the length of the parallel section of your Ram Tubes.


1) Accurately measure the outside of you ram tube at the base.

2) Add 0.2mm to this measurement.

3) Determine how far up the Ram Tube the outside diameter increases by a maximum of 0.2mm.  This is the highest point that a Ram Tube Support Clamp can be fitted. 

4) Measure from this high point to the base of the Ram Tube.  This is the PARALLEL SECTION LENGTH.

Use the Drop Down Menu "Parallel Section Length:" to choose the Parallel Section Length that suits your Ram Tubes.

3) When you order your Ram Tube Support Kits, you will need to let us know the wall thickness of your Ram Tubes.  In the drop down menu above, choose the closest wall thickness to 1.6mm or 1.2mm.


As we manufacture our Ram Tube Base Clamps to a snug fit even without the clamping screw tightened, you will need to open the clamp so you slide it up the parallel section of the Ram Tube. 

1) Loosen the top clamp screw so there are several threads visible between the screw head and the clamp.

2) Use a large flat bladed screw driver to open the top clamp slightly as you carefully slide it up the Ram Tube.

3) Once the top clamp is in the correct position, tighten the screw as usual.

4) Fit the Ram Tube Base Clamp as usual.

5) Install the tube spacers.  You may need to move the top clamp up or down a small amount to ensure the correct fitment of the tube spacers.

6) Use the long cap screws provided to mount the entire Ram Tube assembly onto your throttle body.