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Injector EV14 1/2 Height 1000cc

Bosch Injector with Modified Metering Cage to flow 1000cc/min.


161 HP Normally Aspirated - estimated (pump petrol)
134 HP Turbo up to 1 Bar Boost - estimated (pump petrol)
124 HP Turbo up to 2 Bar Boost - estimated (pump petrol)

> Flow Rate - 1000cc/min (94Lb/Hr) @3.0Bar
> ORings - 14mm Top / 14mm Bottom
> Electrical Plug - USCAR (Oval)
> Impedance - 12.0 Ohms (High)
> Oring Top to Bottom / Center to Center without Height Adapter - 38.0mm
> Oring Top to Bottom / Center to Center with 11mm Top Oring Height Adapter - 64.5mm
> Oring Top to Bottom / Center to Center with 14mm Top Oring Height Adapter - 64.5mm
> Manufacture - Bosch

Suits GM LS3 engine.

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Product Details

This injector is what is called a "Half Height" injector.  Half Height injectors are generally around 38mm from the centre point of the top oring, to the centre point of the bottom oring.  This is approximately 26mm shorter than what is called a Standard Height injector.

If your fuel rail is setup for standard length injectors (64.5mm from oring centre to oring centre), you will need to use an Injector Height Adapter to make these injectors the same length as your original injectors so that your new, hi-flow injectors "seat and seal" correctly into your fuel rail (top injector oring), and your manifold (bottom injector oring).

Additionally, your fuel rail may be designed to use injectors with 14mm or 11mm diameter top orings.  You can now choose which injector combination you need in the drop down menu in the pricing area on this page.

The Injector Height Adapters have an Injector Clip that secures the Injector Height Adapter onto the injector  improving the stability of the connection between the two.


Replacement injectors are only as good as the wiring, pins and plugs that supply current

and voltage to them.

This is an ideal time to check your injector plugs and pins for signs of pin corrosion, pins

splayed open and crumbling plastic connectors.

If in doubt, it can be cheap insurance to replace your injector connectors with brand new items to ensure positive electrical connections.