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20B Billet 60mm IDA Kit

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Billet 20B KIT - 60mm Ram Tubes and Throttles with Tapered bore to 55mm at the manifold flange face.

Fuel rail fittings Not included.

*** Note - The photos below are the kit with fully assembled option included. *****



We think you are going to love this!

E85 and Methanol engines love big throttles.  They need big throttles.  Why?  Because you need to run a lot more fuel when you are running E85 or Methanol than you do running pump petrol - around 30% More on E85 & 11% more on Methanol .  The extra fuel takes up some of the space that would normally be available for air.

That's why we had to go to a 60mm throttle setup.

The photos show the setup with the optional high-mount, third injector which provides a colder denser intake charge temperature resulting in more power and torque.

Once again - no compromises here.

This kit is designed to accept 1/2 height EV1 Petrol/E85/Methanol injectors.  We can supply these injectors all the way up to 1650cc, so you can mix and match your primary and secondary injectors to give you the best drivability and still supply enough fuel for your kick-arse fire-breathing engine.

Everything that can be made from billet has been machined in-house in our machine shop.  The photos don�t fully do it justice.

The Throttle Bodies are Tapered Bore from 60mm butterflies to 55mm at the mounting flange This accelerates the air speed providing  power and torque gains.
Continuing the taper from the top of the Ram Tube, down through the Throttle Body has shown consistent gains in many applications.  That's why we always recommend that you run Tapered Bore throttles on serious engines.

Throttle bore spacing is 130mm / 160mm to ensure the straight equal length runners ensuring each rotor delivers even power. You've put a lot into getting the internals of your engine perfect and equal for each rotor.  Matching the intake perfectly, is just as important. That's why we have set the throttle bore spacing to match your rotor housing spacing.

For best drivability and engine response, we have fitted this kit with our new indexable and progressive Pro Series Cable Pulley.

This particular example has been shipped to Green Brothers Racing in New Zealand.

This is a no-compromise 20B Throttle Body Kit. We have taken 20 years of experience to ensure this kit is everything it can be.

    - Designed specifically for E85 and Methanol engines
    - Up to 9 injectors (3 per rotor)
    - Full Billet throttle body and Adapter
    - 60mm down to 55mm Tapered Bore for extra power and torque
    - Progressive Cable Pulley for best drivability


1 x 20B 60mm Billet Throttle Body Kit

2 x 20B Billet Low Mount Fuel Rails

3 x 60mm Pro Series Ram Tubes and Ram Tube Bases

1 x Pro Series Indexable Cable Pulley

2 x Pro Series Joiner Balancers

* 1 x Weld On Aluminium 20B Manifold Flange with Throttle Spacing to suit your choice above: See Option

* 1 x TPS (Optional) : See Throttle Position Sensor Option

* 1 x High Mount Fuel Rail : See High Mount Fuel Rail Option

* Injectors : See Injector Options

NOT INCLUDED: Fuel Rail Fuel Fittings