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Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Position Sensor Kit

Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Position Sensor with Twin Weatherproof Bosch Type TPS Sensors.

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As the aftermarket performance industry sees an ever increasing use of Drive By Wire Throttle Control (also known as Electronic Throttle Control), the demand for flexible solutions has increased.

Trying to fit the throttle pedal assembly from a standard vehicle into a performance or racing vehicle has been uncovered as a major challenge.  Not only do you need to be able to fit the pedal assembly in a position that is structurally sound, but it has to work comfortably with the driver's leg and foot mechanics.  On top of that, you may have to use second hand connectors and wiring from a wrecked vehicle to connect the pedal to your ECU.

This can be a big problem for you.

In order to make a fully flexible solution, we needed to design the smallest and universally applicable solution using components with a reliable supply chain, and included dual sensors with commonly available connectors.


Every Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Sensor system has to have twin position sensors to ensure safe throttle actuation by ensuring reliable pedal position data is sent to your ECU.  The twin sensors operate with reverse voltage outputs to each other. The reverse voltages need to be error checked against each other in the ECU.

If the ECU determines that the values are correct, normal throttle actuation occurs.

If the ECU determines there is an error in the Throttle Pedal Position Sensor values, the ECU will take appropriate action.


2 x TPS alloy mounts with high quality SKF bearings.
1 x Heavy Duty Lever arm with choice of 3 different attachment points to ensure correct sensor shaft rotation.
1 x Adjustable idle stop for rested throttle pedal calibration.
1 x Full throttle stop to stop over throw of TPS’s
1 x Un-powder coated attachment bracket for welding to structural bar work (off road buggies etc).
2 x Bosch Style TPSs with common 3 Pin connector  - 1 x Clockwise TPS 1 x Counter Clockwise TPS


The TPS Sensors are sealed against the bearing housing making the assembled unit weatherproof.


The Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Sensor Kit can be mounted directly to a firewall using the M5 Cap Screws provided.  Alternatively, you can weld the Attachment Bracket to your chassis, and then mount the Drive By Wire Throttle Pedal Sensor Kit to the Attachment Bracket using the M5 Cap Screws provided.


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