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Joiner Balancer Pro - With Arm

Lever Arm Length from Shaft Center to M5 Threaded Lever Holes: 39mm, 47mm.
(M5 threaded holes also suits 10/32UNF)

Overall Width: 16mm

Available in Blue, Black and Natural Anodizing.

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Finely Balances 2 adjacent Throttle Shafts

Adjustable Idle Stop

Full Throttle Stop

Lever Arm ( 2 ratios ) to receive throttle input from Drop Link


1 x Joiner Balancer with Lever Arm

1 x Return Spring

1 x Short Throttle Stop and Screw - 3mm Long

1 x Long Throttle Stop and Screw - 10.7mm Long

NOTE: This Joiner Balancer Throttle Linkage can be user configured for left or right hand operation by simply flipping over the stainless steel tag that couples both halves of the linkage together.

TECH DIAGRAMtechnical diagram


810-005-90Throttle Stop 90 Degree Adapter

If you are uncertain that the spring supplied with this kit is going to the best fit for your throttle system, or you'd just like to have a couple of extra options, grab a couple from the links below: