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Nissan SR20DE(T) S14A/S15 Fuel Rail Kit 550cc 1000cc 1650cc or No Injectors

Nissan SR20DE(T) S14A/S15 Fuel Rail Kit with your choice of 5500cc, 1000cc, 1650cc or Without Injectors.

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NOTE: Does not include manifold.

INJECTORS: This Fuel Rail Conversion Kit replaces the original Side Feed injectors with high performance Top Feed injectors rated at 800cc/min.

POWER CAPABILITY:  Due to the nature of different fuels and engine applications, it is not possible to give a single power value for any specific set of fuel injectors. 

We recommend that you use our Injector Flow Calculator App (if you have an iOS device). 

Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we can advise you on the potential power delivery of the 800cc injectors supplied in this kit for your specific application.

** Power Capability is the potential amount of fuel power that these particular injectors can flow.  It does not mean that your engine will produce this amount of power.


H-INJP5USCAR Injector Connector
852-LOOM5USCAR Injector to Nissan Loom