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scatt hose silicone 75mm per 30cm

Scat high temperature silicone hose is perfect for intake engine air, brake or cabin ducting.

This hose is sold on a per 30cm basis.

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We see a lot of both single and multi throttle installations where there is nothing to duct cold air directly to the intake manifold/throttle body system of the engine.

The first problem with not using intake ducting, is that the engine ends up taking in air from the engine bay, which means it will be using air that is hotter than the ambient air outside the vehicle.  This hot air could be upwards of 70°C, which can radically reduce engine power.

Secondly, if you use an efficient, sealed intake airbox and the correct ducting, you may be able to achieve a positive pressure or "ram air" effect at high vehicle speed.  This can effectively increase engine power by several percent. 

Combine lower inlet air temperatures and the ram air effect, and you can see real power and torque gains without having to run your engine any harder than you would without the air box and ducting.

That is something you don't want to miss out on!

75mm (3") scat high temperature silicone hose is for use with:

air box pro-street 4 cyl for injection

air box pro-street 4 cyl for carburettor

air box pro street 4 cyl injection carbon

We also supply 100mm (4") Scat high temperature silicone hose.