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billet throttle body 105mm

billet throttle body 105mm

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Every single throttle bore and throttle plate are measured and matched as a pair to ensure the most perfect throttle fit and consistency across every EFI Hardware throttle body.


Maintaining great throttle control is up to both the driver, and the system of cables and linkages that ensure the throttle opening is quick to respond, and is accurate across all cylinders.

EFI Hardware produce 6° Throttle Plates.

In the past, 12° throttle plates were the industry standard.  The problem with 12° throttle plates, is that as the plates are moved off the closed position, the change in airflow is huge.  It makes it very difficult to drive smoothly at lower throttle openings.

At EFI Hardware, we only use 6° throttle plates.  This improves off idle and cruise driveability making your vehicle far more enjoyable to drive.


Only quality throttle components will be up to the task.  Anything less than the highest quality will cause the throttle to behave erratically, and make your vehicle much more difficult to drive.

880-100throttle body sync tool


We have lip seals behind the throttle shaft bearings to stop grease from being sucked out of the bearings under high intake runner vacuum. These are turned around on boosted applications so there is no boost leakage and also stops the bearing grease getting evacuated from the throttle shaft the bearings. 

We ask you if you are going to run your engine Boosted, or Naturally Aspirated so we can install the Lip Seals in your throttle bodies in the appropriate way to suit your application.


We now recommend

and use SKF bearings.