Welcome To The EFI Hardware Technical Videos Page

This page is designed to answer your most common questions.

In upcoming videos, we will be bringing you up to speed on things like fuel systems, new technology injectors, intake systems, engine tuning and intake optimisation. You might find that the technical level varies from video to video.  But this ensures that everyone learns something and gains more insite into EFI.

Video - Early Ford Mustang Fuel Tank Upgraded from Carbs to EFI

Video - Nissan Patrol TB42 and TB45 Series Engine Fuel Rail Upgrade

Video - How to Install and Set Up a 6 Cylinder Throttle Linkage Kit

Video - Solid vs Split Fuel Rails - Each has its own advantage

Video - Joiner Balancer With Cable Pull Installation And Calibration

Video - Throttle Stop Fitment and Adjustment

Video - EFI Surge Tanks - Do You Need One - How They Work