Motorsport Efi Wholesaler

EFI Hardware are the leading motorsport EFI wholesalers in Melbourne and online, supplying the parts you need for your business to cater to motorsport vehicles. We carry an extensive range of authentic fuel injection and engine management components from leading manufacturers like Bosch, Delphi Honeywell, Siemens, TI, Variohm, as well OEM Ford, GM, Nissan Toyota & Mazda and Mazda. Additionally, we also have the capability to manufacture custom parts for our customers, or order in specific parts that you may require.


By converting to an EFI system, you can improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your motorsport vehicle, while reducing operating and servicing costs. If it feels as if your motorsport vehicle requires an update, your engine is the ideal place to implement alterations and updates.


EFI Hardware have established our reputation as one of the top motorsport EFI wholesalers in Australia over the course of 20 years, with the in-depth knowledge and expertise required to answer your every query or concern.