Motorsport Efi Retailer

Motorsport vehicles demand a high level of engine performance which is not always possible with an old-fashioned carburetor. An electronic fuel injection system, on the other hand, allows for improved performance of your vehicle, which is especially important in the case of motorsport vehicles.


One of these benefits is reduced fuel consumption and emissions, which is achieved by the EFI system’s ability to deliver the exact air-to-fuel ratio required by the engine. This precision can reduce fuel consumption by 25% and emissions control up to 20%.


An EFI system also means there is less servicing required, as it is entirely sealed so that the fuel does not mingle with oxygen, which can cause the fuel go bad. This means you do not need to bring your vehicle in for engine servicing that may otherwise be necessary due to contaminated fuel.


EFI Hardware are the leading motorsport EFI retailers in Melbourne and via our online store, manufacturing authentic parts to allow you to update your vehicle as needed.