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Ford KAAZ LSD Center

Ford LSD Centre

VehicleYearModelTransmissionPositionSTD DiffLSD TypePlatePlate Size2 way
Falcon88 - 02EA - AUManual/ AutoRearOpenBasic12MDAG3820
   Manual/ AutoRearCone LSDBasic12MDAG3820
 02 -BA6Manual/ AutoRearOpenBasic12MDAG3820
  Non TurboManual/ AutoRearCone LSDBasic12MDAG3820
 02 -BA V8Manual/ AutoRearOpenBasic12MDAG3820
  SOHCManual/ AutoRearCone LSDBasic12MDAG3820
XR6T & XR8 BA, BF, FGManual/ AutoRearAny TypeBasic12MDAG3830 
FPV 6T BA, BF, FGManual/ AutoRearAny TypeBasic12MDAG3830
FPV 5.4 Quad  Manual/ AutoRearAny TypeBasic12MDAG3830
FPV 5L Super  Manual/ AutoRearAny TypeBasic12MDAG3830
Territory SY06/05 -2WD & 4WDManual/ AutoRearAny TypeBasic12MDAG3830
Territory SX04 -2WD & 4WDManual/ AutoRearAny TypeBasic12MDAG3830

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KAAZ Holden & Ford 2 way LSD DAG3810

KAAZ Holden & Ford 2 way LSD DAG3810

sku: MDS-DAG3810

SUITS: Holden Commodore VT-VZ 97-05, HSV VTII-VZ 99-06, Ford Falcon FG Non Turbo '08 on + more


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KAAZ Holden & Ford 2 way LSD DAG3810
KAAZ Powertrain Gear Oil 2L

KAAZ Powertrain Gear Oil 2L


KAAZ's performance gear oil is specially formulated for your genuine KAAZ Limited Slip Differential. Using the most advanced formula's, KAAZ gear oil is designed to protect your components with high temperature stability and high shock load protection.

KAAZ Genuine Oil contains exclusive friction modifier blended into the gear oil in order to reduce hypoid gear noise and chattering while offering  smooth operational usage.

KAAZ GL-5 80W90 weight oil is safe to use on front wheel drive transmissions as well as any transfer case containing a KAAZ limited slip differential.


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KAAZ Powertrain Gear Oil 2L