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MRA EFI Fuel Tank Conversion Kit For Steel Tank 155mm to 180mm height- Dead End - Holden Commodore VE

1 x VE Commodore MRA (Dead End 4 Bar)
1 x Weld On Steel Ring
1 x Top Clamp Aluminium Ring
8 x Stainless Steel Cap Screws and Washers
1 x Fuel Safe Seal
1 x 3/8" Quick Disconnect to Barb Fitting
1 x Electrical Connector

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867-018KQuick Connect Fuel Filter Kit

Genuine Delphi MRA - Modular Reserve Assembly

MRA - Modular Reserve Assembly
For Steel fuel tanks 155mm to 180mm high.
Kit includes genuine Delphi MRA (Modular Reserve (Reservoir) Assembly - Surge tank and pump) quick disconnect fitting, electrical plug, O'ring seal, weld on plate, Top mounting plate and screws.
The MRA unit houses the EFI Pump, Pre Filter, Surge Tank (with return Mazzi Jet) Fuel submersible wiring and hose with bulk head assembly in one unit. It is spring loaded to ensure that it sits on the bottom of the fuel tank for maximum fuel scavenging.


MAX Fuel Tank Height - 180mm

MIN Fuel Tank Height - 155mm

Internal Fuel Pressure Regulator Pressure - 4Bar (60PSI)

HP Rating - 500HP @ 4Bar

E85 Compatibility - NO


Different fuels and engine configurations change the amount of fuel required to produce a specific amount of engine power.  The table below indicates most of the variations of fuels and engine setups.  Choose the engine and fuel type that most accurately matches the engine set up in your vehicle.

NOTE: Most supercharger applications require a large amount of power to run the supercharger.  Consult with your supercharger supplier for the amount of power your supercharger will consume and subtract that amount of power from the table below.

NOTE: All Power estimates are for 4 Bar of Fuel Pressure, and are HP and KW at the engine.

Naturally Aspirated500HP / 373KW
Up To 1 Bar Boost392HP / 292KW
1 to 2 Bar Boost362HP / 270KW


Empty =  250 Ohms

Full     =    40 Ohms

RATING:  500HP at the engine at 4 Bar fuel pressure.

The VE Commodore MRA is a very popular fuel pump/surge tank all-in-one solution.

Dead End: This MRA has a single high pressure fuel outlet at the top of the assembly.  There is no return port on the MRA.  This means it is a Dead End MRA.

TECHNICAL DOCUMENTtechnical document
FUEL PUMP CONNECTORconnector to suit