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Fuel Tank EFI Conversion Kit for Steel Tank 180 to 215mm high

Fuel Tank EFI Conversion Kit for Steel Tank 180mm to 215mm high using BA Falcon MRA (Modular Reserve Assembly).
The Base Plate Diameter is 154mm.

This is a regular Fuel Return type system. Quick disconnect inlet, outlet and breather connectors on top. Comes with weld on base plate, top plate, cap screws, washers & fuel safe seal.

Electrical plug and Quick disconnect to push on hose fittings also supplied.

The pump flows
150 Liters per Hour @ 12V & 3 Bar pressure @ 8 Amps
135 Liters per Hour @ 12V & 4 Bar pressure @ 9 Amps

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Product Details


MRA: Modular Reserve Assemby

Top Plate:  Aluminium

Bottom Plate:  Steel

Electrical Connector:  To suit Ford BA FPV MRA PN# 850-110P

Quick Disconnect Fuel Fittings:  1 x 3/8", 2 x 5/16"

Fasteners:  6 x M5 Stainless Steel Cap Screws with Washers and Locking Washers

For Steel fuel tanks 180mm to 215mm high.
Kit includes MRA (Modular Reserve (Reservoir) Assembly) - Surge tank and pump quick disconnect fitting, electrical plug, fuel safe seal, weld on plate, Top mounting plate and screws.
The MRA unit houses the Fuel Pump, Surge Tank (with return Mazzi Jet), fuel submersible wiring and fuel hose with bulk head assembly in one unit. It is spring loaded to ensure that it sits on the bottom of the fuel tank for maximum fuel scavenging.

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